About Us

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PROJECT GIVE. PRAY. LOVE. is about giving to the poor, living a prayerful life (or if you’re not religious, a life devoted to doing good), and ultimately about loving our fellow human beings.

Since 1993, Jeanine Lim and her mother, Monique, have been bringing donations of clothes and other necessities to the poor in Vietnam. Over the years, they have also financially supported the building of 5 houses for poor families in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. These efforts in past years were all made in their personal capacity, but in 2013, Jeanine initiated Project Give Pray Love (PGPL) to further their cause and help the poor in Vietnam through greater outreach.

Through the project, annual trips are made to Vietnam to build new houses, award tuition fee grants, provide financial assistance for medical treatment, and donate bicycles, clothes, school supplies, and food to the poor, the elderly, sick and disabled in the Mekong Delta. As we believe education is a way out of poverty – giving children a shot at a better future – our focus is to keep children in school. Towards this goal, we offer tuition fees support to relieve their financial burdens, provide bicycles to ease their long journeys to school, as well as school supplies (books and stationery) so they have what they need for their studies. For the very poor families, we donate funds to help them build their houses as well as provide basic necessities like food and clothes. For the elderly, sick and disabled, we provide financial assistance towards their medical treatment.

While we have always been philanthropic, using our personal funds, we can do so much more with your help! We appreciate your donations going towards all the initiatives mentioned and do follow us on Facebook to get updates:


We look forward to your support!